Monday, February 17, 2014

Eye on the draft: Patriots may find suitors to trade up for Eric Ebron

Eric Ebron's greatest strength?  How about running folks over?
"The Minnesota Vikings have traded the eighth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft to the New England Patriots, and with the number eight pick in the draft, the New England Patriots select Eric Ebron. Tight End, University of North Carolina."

Pipe dream?  Not so fast.

The Vikings need a quarterback, and no one on their roster is the long-term solution but the one quarterback that they have that they hope will just be a quality backup is Matt Cassel, formerly of the New England Patriots - and the fact that All Pro running back Adrian Peterson is a fan and a friend of current Patriots' clipboard holder Ryan Mallett...

...couple that with the comfortable business relationship that Patriots' de facto General Manager has with Vikings general manager Rick Spielman- and the possibility exists that the Patriots could very well put together a package that includes Mallet and the Patriots' 29th over all selection and both sides win.

The Patriots win because they pick up the best overall tight end prospect since Rob Gronkowski came out of Arizona four years ago without having to fork over a ton of draft currency to Minnesota, and the Vikings get their quarterback and still have a first round draft pick to go after their second biggest needs at Defensive end or linebacker.

And the truth is, Minnesota is not the only potential trade partner that could make a deal similar to this scenario work, as quarterback hungry teams such as St. Louis and Cleveland could be in the mix - and even better, they both have two selections in the first round and if either went after Belichick's lure, they could have their quarterback and still have two first round picks.

Madness, madness, all of this trade talk - but when considering the benefit to both teams in a deal for Mallett - and with New England able to field a tight end with 4.65 speed, huge hands and an impressive resume as far as blocking, being a safety valve and stretching the seam would give the New England offense the weapon that it needs to exhume it's buried two-tight end offense.

Ebron's versatility means less stress and less wear and tear on Gronkowski and would open up the outside and underneath routes to accommodate Aaron Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins and Danny Amendola, plus he will draw the nickle safety out of the box to aide the running game.

So...Pipe dream? 

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