Monday, January 6, 2014

Welker, Patriots shelve talks

Talks between the New England Patriots and receiver Wes Welker have apparently hit an impasse...

...and when you hear the word "Impasse", that usually is not good news.

The reports of whom is saying what and who's rejecting and - well, the details of this volatile situation are scrambled, but one thing is clear: Both parties seem ready to move on to plan B.

One source saying that, "Talks are over".

There were reports earlier in the day that the Patriots, after months of negotiations, had not ever tendered an offer to Welker, and that the All Pro receiver was waiting for an official offer before testing the waters - which isn't a surprise given the fact that Welker has indicated he wanted to shop himself around, and being armed with an official offer from the Patriots would give him leverage in negotiations with other clubs.

According to several reports, many are questioning why Welker is waiting for an offer, knowing that the Patriots will not tender one with the knowledge that he would use it as leverage - and also that the Patriots find it hard to believe that Welker's agents don't have a general idea of what his value is on the market to begin with.

Reportedly, the Patriots have St. Louis receiver Danny Amendola "Waiting in the wings", and are "More than prepared" to move on, indicating that the Patriots are tiring of the wishy-washy nature of the Welker camp.

The situation is getting more and more volatile, and Patriots' fans perhaps should brace themselves for the probablility that they've seen Welker in a Patriots uniform for the last time.

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