Saturday, July 5, 2014

Patriots' Résumé - James "Sweet Feet" White

Dear Coach Belichick,

Enclosed, please find my résumé and a highlight video that spans my college career at the University of Wisconsin.

The good people of Madison have watched me play football for their beloved Badgers for the past four years - and not just me, but also my friends Montee Ball and Melvin Gordon - but neither of those guys were favored with the cool nickname that I have been dining on ever since I arrived on campus.

And I'm sure you or your scouts have heard people call me "Barry", and I can assure that it's not because I have a distinctively deep voice - rather, it is because of my style when I'm running with the football.

Right.  But I'm no Barry Sanders - there will never be another runner like him - but it has been an honor to know that my elusiveness and vision compare favorably to the greatest, at least in the eyes of the fans of the University of Wisconsin.

And I also realize that being referred to in that light means nothing during the transition from college to the pros, and that I haven't even earned the right to carry his jock strap, so until I do, I'll go with my alternate moniker of "Sweet Feet".

Now, I'm not the fastest guy in the world, nor the biggest, but give me a seam through the line to the second level and I'll take it to the house - or at least break a few ankles along the way, metaphorically and otherwise, because there isn't a back playing the the NFL right now that has the open field, video game quality redirection skills that I possess.

Still, with power back Legarrette Blount no longer on the team, some are questioning why you opted for a smaller, shiftier running back when you could have had your pick of bigger backs, but you know as well as I do that - similar to Blount - I am more of a floater along the line, and once I see the hole I cut sharply and glide through it, which I'm told is perfect for your zone blocking scheme.

Once on the second level, linebackers and defensive backs are not going to bounce off of me like they did him and I'm not going to run over tired defenders late in the game, because that's not my thing.  I do become more effective as the game progresses, and that's where my cutting ability and lateral fluidity come into play, more often than not leaving the would-be tackler grasping at air.

And that ability becomes ever more prominent in the passing game, particularly on screens and in the flat, where this ability coupled with operating space magnifies it's effect and makes me a threat to take the ball on long gainers - and if I am tasked to stay in to pass protect, I am an able blocker and can pick up the blitz as well as anyone in the class, though I must admit I can get steamrolled by bigger 'backers.

All of this said, my forte is running with the football - and while all of these things that I have mentioned qualify me to be a three-down back, I am fine with however you choose to use me as I've split carries with talented backs my entire playing career.

But make no mistake, I am a three-down back and I am anxious to prove this - not to you, because you already know, but to the fan base and -indeed - the entire football world.

Thank you for this opportunity!


Sweet Feet

P.S. By the way, I know how important ball security is to you, so you should know that I put the ball on the ground only once every 377 touches.  Just saying.



James C. White
c/o New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium
1 Patriot Place
Foxborough, Massachusetts 02035

Career focus: 

To make New England's 53 man roster and be an integral part of a world championship


Bachelor's Degree in Life Sciences, University of Wisconsin (Class of 2014)

Professional experience: 

Drafted in 4th round of 2014 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots

Awards & Honors:
  • Consensus Big 10 Freshman of the Year (2010)
  • Second-team All Big 10 (2013)
College Career Stats (52 Games):
  • 4014 rushing yards on 643 carries (6.2 yards per carry)
  • 670 receiving yards on 73 receptions ( 9.2 yards per catch)
  • 48 touchdowns (45 rushing, 3 receiving)
  • 765 return yards on 40 kickoff returns (19.1 average)
Publisher's note: This"Résumé" is the work of the staff from Foxborough Free Press and is part of an ongoing series highlighting the players who - in our opinion - will be part of the 53 man roster when Patriots' training camp breaks.

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