Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Patriots' Résumé - Sebastian Vollmer

Dear Bill,

Most of the fans and media see you as a cold and heartless genius, and to a large extent that is good image to portray when one is employed as the head coach of a football team - but if you'll bear with me, I wish to detail a few observations that paint you in a bit of a different light.

You are cold and heartless when it comes to burying your opponent, and that's mostly what people see - because people only see what they want to see, right? - I'll always remember watching the video where Derrick Mason of the Ravens was taunting you after making a catch and you told him to "shut the fuck up" and "can you see the scoreboard?"

That's pure gold for the youtube types and fodder for the fans that don't understand you, because it's hilarious - but it adds to the perception that you are a gruff troll that paces the sidelines whether it's at practice or during a game, barking out praise and criticism in the same monotone droll that you use in press conferences - and it doesn't matter if it's a rookie or Brady, everyone is treated the same.

You've gotten on my ass a few times, but it's not because you're a troll or a jerk (like Revis called you once LOL), but because you care.

Without giving the appearance of getting all mushy on you, I know you care - you care about your job, you care about the organization and you care about the banners, the rings and the trophies - but I think you care about the players most of all.

Think back to the Miami game at home last season, when Randy Starks rolled up on my leg and snapped my tibia like a freaking twig - I remember the pain, hearing myself scream and then being surrounded by the medical staff, but in the background I saw you, my helmet dangling from your fingers by the facemask, a look of genuine concern on your face.

I saw that look again a few weeks later when T.J. Ward took out Gronk at the knees - and there you were again on the field watching another of your players being carted off, only this that time you were pissed off because both of us know that Ward ended Gronk's season with a purposeful shot to the knee, and you let Ward and the world know it.

Same with Welker taking out Talib in the AFC Championship game - you care about your players and you respect your enemies (cheap shots and all), and that attitude filters down through the entire organization.

My injury was just an unfortunate result of players going hard, and all anyone could do is to stand around and watch helplessly.

When you selected me in the second round of the 2009 draft, many considered me a reach - a big kid from Germany that didn't play organized football until the age of 14 and who arrived at the University of Houston as a 250 pound tight end with a severe language barrier to overcome, which set the learning curve as high as it can be set.

I had to overcome a lot to play in the NFL, including the switch from tight end to left tackle in college along with the aforementioned language barrier, then the switch from left tackle to right midway through my rookie season to fill in for Nick Kaczur - and I think you respected that.

And so did the people who selected the All Pro teams, as I was named a Second team All Pro right tackle in my second season - but unfortunately, that was the one and only season that I've played in all 16 games as back problems had sapped 11 games from me in the seasons prior to last, and then the broken leg took half of that one away.

In that respect, I feel for Amendola, who hears day in and day out about his injury history, yet mine is just as protracted.

So, I know I have something to prove coming into this season - not that I can play at a consistently high level, because that's been proven - rather, that I can handle a full season without my back or mending leg robbing me of games.

To that end, I can't blame you for drafting Cameron Fleming as a right tackle, as no one really knows about injury to a 6' 8", 325 pound body - especially to my back, as that's a lot of weight for a spine to support - but I know that you'll give me every opportunity to retain my starting position and will work as hard as you do in order to help this team win a championship.

I know that the right tackle position is mine to lose - but if you know anything about me, you know that I've overcome much just to be here, and no one should bet against me.

Much respect,

Sea Bass



Sebastian Georg Vollmer
c/o New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium
1 Patriot Place
Foxborough, Massachusetts 02035


Career Focus:

To remain healthy and steamroll linebackers to help the Patriots win another World Title

  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications from University of Houston ( Class of 2008) 
  • Graduate studies in Economics (Current)
Awards & Honors:
  • First team All Conference USA (2008)
  • Second team All Pro (2010)
  • John Madden Most Valuable Protector's Award (2010)

Career Stats (56 games):
  • Started 8 Games at left tackle in 2009 (played in 14 games total)
  • Started all 16 games as right tackle in 2010 (2nd team All Pro & Madden Award)
  • Lost 10 games to Back Injury in 2011
  • Started 15 games at right tackle in 2012
  • Lost 8 games to broken leg in 2013

Publisher's note: This"Résumé" is the work of the staff from Foxborough Free Press and is part of an ongoing series highlighting the players who - in our opinion - will be part of the 53 man roster when Patriots' training camp breaks.

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