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Patriots' Résumé - Shane Vereen

Dear Coach Belichick,

Your offseason moves to supplement the offense is exciting, and it makes me think back to my freshman year at the University of California when the coaches integrated me into their two back system, pairing me with Jahvid Best.

We split the carries and we both had similar success in the passing game until he left for the Detroit Lions after his Junior season - so I had experience both splitting carries and being the featured back in the Bears' offense which should translate to the field this season coming up.
This play cost me half of 2013.  I plan on being healthy in 2014...

I have the talent to be a lead back in the NFL - heck, you drafted me in the second round in 2011 - unfortunately I have been able to play in just over half of the games since as injuries have sapped many snaps from me.  In fact, all three of my seasons here in Foxborough have started with pain, limiting me to just 176 touches...

A hamstring in training camp doomed my rookie season to appearing in just five games, and a foot injury in 2012 camp made me lose three games and I never was really fully integrated into the offense at all, used sparingly as a change of pace back in garbage time, mostly.

But then you did something weird - you let Danny Woodhead walk in free agency going into 2013 and I was ready to pick up his snaps, maybe more.  I even made it all the way through camp and my own personal expectations as to what kind of year I could have in contribution to the offense were through the roof - so when you benched Ridley in the second quarter of the opening game in Buffalo, I was more than ready.

Then on my first freaking carry taking over for Riddles, I broke my wrist.  It felt ok at the time and I even posted a career day, but after the game it started bugging me and the medical staff had me x-ray'd,  discovering the fracture.

I was so bummed, and you knew it too.  I needed surgery but it was cool that you waited until after the repairs to decide how to handle the injury - and imagine my joy when the surgery went well and you put me on the IR with a designation to return, which meant that I'd be able to come back and play after eight weeks instead of sitting out the whole year.

You put me right back to work, but since Riddles and LeGarrette Blount had formed a decent chemistry in alternating series, you set me wide in the pass pattern and had Tommy throw to me a lot - 70 targets in eight games - as we tried to take advantage of opposing defenses matching up linebackers on me, and while that wasn't always the case and sometimes I'd be looking across at a corner, I still caught nearly 50 of those targets and scored three times.

I played in a soft cast, so I don't blame you for not giving me many touches in the running game, but I'm hoping for more carries this season as I think I proved in that game in Buffalo that I was able and willing to run between the tackles and that I'm someone that you can count on to pick up the tough yards.

Your Buddy,




Shane Patrick-Henry Vereen
c/o New England Patriots
Gillette Stadium
1 Patriot Place
Foxborough, Massachusetts 02035

Career Focus:

To finally post a healthy season and be all that I can be to help my team win a title

  • Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies from University of California (Class of 2010)
Professional Experience:
  • 2011 - Present: New England Patriots
Regular Season Stats (26 games):
  • Gained 516 yards in 121 carries in the running game (4.3 ypc)
  • Caught 55 balls for 576 yards (10.5 ypr)
  • Scored 9 career touchdowns (5 through the air and 4 on the ground)

Post-season Stats (4 games):

  • Rushed for 108 yards in 20 carries on the ground (5.4 ypc)
  • 14 receptions for 180 yards (12.8 ypr)
  • Scored 3 career post-season touchdowns (1 on the ground and 2 through the air)

Publisher's note: This"Résumé" is the work of the staff from Foxborough Free Press and is part of an ongoing series highlighting the players who - in our opinion - will be part of the 53 man roster when Patriots' training camp breaks.

Unless otherwise noted in quotations, the comments made in this article come from the imagination of the staff, not from the players themselves.

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