Monday, July 27, 2015

Patriots Resume' - Dominique Easley

What if New England Patriots' head ball coach Bill Belichick required resumes from his players - what would those look like?  We take a stab at them, in alphabetical order...

Dear Coach,

People don't get that sometimes when you make an investment, you don't necessarily reap dividends right away - so when you drafted me in the first round last season, many thought I would be able to contribute right away, not seeing that I was one investment that needed a little time to mature...

...not as in my behavior or the way that I conduct my affairs, but on the football field.  I needed time to heal, so when I did get on the field, the explosion off the snap wasn't what people were expecting, nor was my impact felt immediately.

Nor, it would seem, that you are going to see me perform on the practice field when camp starts in a few days, since you've placed me on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, meaning that I have not been medically cleared to participate - but I will be soon.

I hear the rumblings.  The media wondering aloud why you "wasted" a first round draft pick on me when I was projected to be a 3rd or 4th rounder because my surgically repaired knees weren't worth risking such high draft capital on. They didn't care that there were rumors that the Seahawks were ready to pounce on me a couple of picks later, nor did the fans who read their columns.

To be fair, they haven't really seen the best of me, but from what they have seen and read of my college days, they should know that I'm an aggressive three-tech who is as slippery as I am strong. Yeah, I've shredded both ACLs and tried to come back from the latest one perhaps a bit too early last season, but you shut me down so I could have an extra couple of months to fully recover, and soon the fans are going to see why you drafted me.

And I'm surrounded by aggressive players, not a slouch in the bunch.  Chandler? Sheard? Malcom Brown? All jackrabbits with high motors. Hightower? Collins? Mayo? Ninkovich? come on, man, that doesn't sound like a bunch of passive neanderthals waiting for the red zone to ball - this isn't going to be that stupid bend-but-don't-break stuff that you've had to piece together before.

No, you've put together a real monster of a front seven, building slowly and meticulously through the draft and free agency, biding your time until we're all ready to ball, then you're going to turn us loose - and heaven help anyone who stands in our way.

You know it, I know it and all the other cats on this defense knows it - and when the lights shine on opening night, the entire football world will know it, and I'm proud and thankful that I'm going to be part of it.





University of Florida

Work Experience:

2014 - Present: New England Patriots
                          9 tackles, 1 sack, 1 interception, 1 pass defended


2014 - Super Bowl Champion

Personal Information:

Born 28 April, 1992 at Staten Island, New York
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 285


Dominique Easley Player Profile - Foxborough Free Press


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