Monday, July 13, 2015

Patriots Resume' - Malcolm Butler

What if New England Patriots' head ball coach Bill Belichick required resumes from his players - what would those look like?  We take a stab at them, in alphabetical order...

Dear Coach,

Being on time is important.  I hear you loud and clear.

It's part of what Edelman refers to when he preaches your mantra, "Dependability is more important than ability."  Jo Jo went on the radio a few days ago and expounded upon this - and history teaches us that this is true with you.

Not too many years ago, you pieced together a secondary that had been depleted by injury with a bunch of no-names and a couple of receivers who were nothing if not dependable and reliable and accountable, and won the AFC Championship when one of those no-names, Sterling Moore, stepped up and made two incredible plays to keep the Baltimore Ravens out of the end zone with just seconds to play.

He tweeted after the game that he was "Just doing my job, and we still have one game to play."

Moore's name lives in Patriots' lore, but he disappeared just as quickly as he appeared on the scene. He was put back on the practice squad and got snatched up by the Dallas Cowboys shortly after, but how many fans can tell you where he is now?  I am not going out like that.

Sure I made perhaps the most clutch play in Super Bowl history, one that pretty much ensures that I won't ever fade into the background due to the enormity of the moment - but I'm here to tell you that I'm no one hit wonder.

People tend to just remember that one play, and the one preceding it when I tipped the ball into the air and Jermaine Kearse had the ball land right in his lap, but it's not like I just came in out of nowhere to make those plays.

You put me in for Arrington in the second half because he was having a tough time with Seattle's tall receivers, and by the time the last seconds were ticking down in the 4th quarter, I had already stopped Marshawn Lynch for a minimal gain on the ground and defended three passes thrown to Kearse - and I feel like if people take in the entire body of work, they will realize that I am a good cornerback.

I feel that if people take in my attitude, that they recognize that I am a professional football player who is here to stay.  If they take in my past, they will know that my struggles give me the strength for one more play when I have nothing left, and that if they watch the highlights of the Super Bowl, they will recognize that I was the most competitive corner on the field.

Last season, my opportunities to see the field were limited because of the tremendous talent ahead of me on the depth chart - this year, there's no excuse for me not being on the field.  I know that I will never make anyone forget Revis and Browner, nor would I want to - rather, I want to make everyone know that Malcolm Butler is a damned good corner in his own right - and that I'm here to stay.


The Butler



University of West Alabama

Work Experience:

2014 - Present - New England Patriots
                           Regular season: 18 tackles, 7 passes defended
                           Post season: 3 tackles, 3 passes defended, 1 interception


2014 - Super Bowl Champion

Personal Information:

Born - March 2, 1990 at Vicksburg, Mississippi
Height - 5' 11"
Weight - 190


Malcolm Butler Player Profile - Foxborough Free Press

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