Saturday, July 18, 2015

Patriots Resume' - Marcus Cannon

What if New England Patriots' head ball coach Bill Belichick required resumes from his players - what would those look like?  We take a stab at them, in alphabetical order...

Dear Coach,

Well, its been four years.  When you first drafted me you obviously saw something in me to take such a risk.  After all, my physical at the combine revealed irregularities in my blood work, and upon further examination, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - but there you were in the fifth round on my cell phone telling me I was a Patriot.

Cancer sucks, right?  You started me out my first year under the non-football injury reserve list so that I could get through my treatments and have time to recover.  There was never any promises as to whether I would even be able to play anymore - and knowing how you feel about what you call "Draft Capital", drafting me at all says a lot.

But I ended up coming off the list in November and played in seven games, and have played in all but two games since - mostly as a swing tackle, with a handful of starts at right tackle, but as a guard on a few forgettable occasions.

Most of my draft profiles said the same thing, that I was too slow out of my stance to ever be a regular left tackle in the NFL, and that unless I went to a team that needed a right tackle, I would end up transitioning to guard where my frame and leg drive would make me a dominating run blocker - but I guess getting out of my stance on the interior has to be a little faster out of a three point stance, because opposing defensive tackles were beating me like I stole something.

So I'm back to swing tackle, where I can fill in at right tackle and alternating with Cam Fleming to become the sixth lineman in the four minute offense, pulling from the end of the line on the weak side and driving through the hole created by the guards and Stork...

...and I must be doing ok in that capacity, judging from the incredible pay raise you gave me right before the Super Bowl - and with the line transitioning to a more heavy, wall blocking look, I'm sure you'll get your money's worth and then some - because if there's one thing that I do well, it's pulling into the middle and taking on those puny middle linebackers...





Texas Christian University (TCU)

Work Experience:

2011-Present: New England Patriots


2014 Super Bowl Champion
2011 Ed Block Courage Award
2010 College All American

Personal Information:

Born May 6, 188 at Odessa, Texas
Height - 6' 5"
Weight - 335


Marcus Cannon Player Profile - Foxborough Free Press

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